Julie Kennedy

Psychotherapist/Breathworker/Coach For Women


You’re a highly driven successful woman…

Yet, deep down you have an ache that’s screaming out for a deeper connection with yourself and others. But, you keep finding yourself back in that murky emptiness deep within which you expected to have fulfilled by now.

Don’t worry you’re not alone and you’re in the right place courageous woman.

I want you to imagine…

having a deep sense of knowing who you truly are, and that it’s enough

effortlessly living a life from choice

opening your heart to a new way of communicating and relating

having a strong sense of direction and purpose

experiencing less internal conflict

no longer self sabotaging with unhealthy behaviour and limiting beliefs

feeling less stressed and anxious

healing/discharging past unresolved trauma

living a more grounded life emotionally, physically and spiritually

These are some of the powerful outcomes my clients achieve from working with me!

Hi, welcome to Conscious Calling

I’m Julie

For over 20 years, my own journey of self-discovery has included many workshops, retreats, personal therapy, teachings and modalities for personal, psychological and spiritual growth. Embarking on my healing journey enabled me to develop a strong sense of self and gain deeper insights into my trauma, wounds and destructive behaviour.

With this new awareness and by acknowledging my own struggles I was able to find the courage and confidence to make a series of significant changes in my life. Applying these changes turned my life around and resulted in my ability to start creating a solid internal foundation of self-worth, self approval, balance and harmony.

At times, I will be sharing more of my personal journey on my blog. You are welcome to sign up for my newsletter on my homepage under ‘Benefits’ which will keep you up to date with my latest blogs and free offers. I am continually committed to my own personal growth and attend professional development training’s to update my skills.

I work one on one, and facilitate groups and retreats. Before starting my own programs I worked extensively within the Breathwork community and clinically with woman with substance dependence. This experience not only enriched my capabilities, it was where I discovered my calling was working with women.


My qualifications include a Masters in Counseling and Psychotherapy, a Diploma in Conscious Breathwork. I am certified in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Time Line Therapy® and Hypnotherapy.